The best way I can say to prepare for home ownership is to “stay educated”!  Make sure you do your research about all the various investments you will make (from big purchase home appliances to repair services to the house itself).  All the hard work you do will pay off in the long term.

I’ve been a home owner for nearly 20 years and my partners here at Extype have also been taking care of homes and properties for decades.  We know we can bring some of the greatest advice to you.  Please come back soon!

Winter is coming just around the corner, so check out these helpful tips on how to insure a safe winter for your home:


I know it’s still summer, BUT these things are really important to keep in mind as we wind down summer and approach the colder months. Needing to play catch-up with home repairs is not something that is desirable, especially when its cold outside!


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